Wote Bishop bans Priests from blessing Same gender Marriage in makueni


Bishop Paul Kariuki Njiru of Wote Catholic Diocese in Makueni County has unequivocally distanced himself from a recent Vatican letter that approved the blessing of same-gender marriages.In a statement to the media, Bishop Kariuki emphasized the stance of Wote Diocese, declaring that they will not participate in or endorse the blessing of same-gender marriages.

This firm position underscores the divergence of opinions within the Catholic Church, with local leaders like Bishop Kariuki asserting autonomy in decisions that directly impact their dioceses.The Wote Diocese’s declaration reflects the ongoing global discourse on LGBTQ+ issues within religious institutions. As societal attitudes evolve, individual leaders within religious communities grapple with reconciling traditional doctrines with contemporary perspectives.

Bishop Kariuki’s statement not only highlights the internal tensions within the Catholic Church but also underscores the broader societal dialogues regarding inclusivity, diversity, and the evolving role of religious institutions in addressing the diverse needs and beliefs of their congregations.

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