Mp Charles Nguna Earns Acclaim for Development Triumphs and Unwavering Commitment


Charles Nguna, MP for Mwingi West, CNN: A Stalwart in Development and Commitment to Constituency Growth

In the heartland of Kitui County, Charles Nguna, widely recognized as CNN, stands as a beacon of progress and dedication to the well-being of his constituents. Representing Mwingi West, Nguna has consistently delivered commendable development projects, garnering praise and well-wishes from the community he serves.

Since assuming office in 2013, Nguna’s focus on enhancing education has been a cornerstone of his tenure. The National Government, through the Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF), has played a pivotal role in funding these transformative initiatives. In the recently concluded 2023/24 financial year, Mwingi West received a substantial allocation of Sh166,593,720, a notable increase from the Sh138,215,303 received in the previous fiscal year (2022/23).

One of the standout achievements under Nguna’s leadership has been the construction and equipping of modern science laboratories at AIC Mbau and Mukuthu secondary schools. These investments not only underscore his commitment to education but also position the youth of Mwingi West for a brighter future through enhanced learning environments.

Despite the undeniable impact of Nguna’s development initiatives, critics have attempted to cast doubt on his performance record. In response, the MP remains resolute, emphasizing a collective and common approach to address the issues that matter most to the people in the region. This steadfast commitment reflects Nguna’s unwavering dedication to overcoming challenges and driving positive change.

In his New Year message, Nguna expressed gratitude to the constituents for their unwavering support, having elected him for two consecutive terms. He pledged to continue prioritizing their needs and not to falter in his resolve to uplift the community. This message resonates with the spirit of accountability and service that Nguna embodies, assuring the people of Mwingi West that their trust in him will not be misplaced.

As Mwingi West progresses under the stewardship of Charles Nguna, it is evident that his leadership is a catalyst for transformative development. With a vision focused on education, and community well-being, CNN remains a dynamic force, steering the constituency towards a future marked by progress and prosperity.

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