Nairobi Archbishop Bans Same-Sex Union Blessings in Defiance of Pope Francis


In a bold move, Nairobi Archbishop Philip Anyolo has issued a directive banning all clergy in the Nairobi region from blessing unions of same-sex couples. This decision stands in stark defiance of Pope Francis’s recent announcement on December 18, where he expressed a more open stance on gay marriages within the Catholic Church.

Archbishop Anyolo, known for his no-nonsense approach, took a firm stand against the Pope’s evolving views on same-sex unions. The Catholic leader firmly asserted that such blessings would not be tolerated within the Nairobi diocese, emphasizing the importance of upholding traditional values.

The Archbishop’s decision underscores the ongoing internal debates within the Catholic Church regarding LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance. While Pope Francis has signaled a more inclusive direction, with his acknowledgment that same-sex couples deserve legal protection, the response from individual leaders within the Church has been varied.

Archbishop Anyolo’s ban reflects the divergence in interpretation of the Pope’s message and highlights the tension between progressive and conservative factions within the Catholic Church. The move is likely to fuel discussions and debates on the broader issue of LGBTQ+ rights within religious institutions.

As the Catholic Church grapples with modern societal shifts and diverse perspectives, Archbishop Anyolo’s decisive action in Nairobi adds another layer to the ongoing discourse surrounding the Church’s stance on same-sex relationships. It remains to be seen how this decision will impact the dynamics between the Church’s leadership and its members in the Nairobi region and beyond.

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