Yongela borehole water supply in Ikanga/Kyatune ward back to life


The Yongela borehole water supply in Ikanga/Kyatune ward has undergone a notable upgrade, courtesy of a collaborative effort between the Welthungerhilfe (WHH) organization and the County Government.

This essential project signifies a commitment to improving local infrastructure and ensuring a reliable water supply for the residents of Kitui. As a result of this strategic partnership, the community can now benefit from an enhanced and more efficient water system, bringing about positive changes in their daily lives.

Under the visionary leadership of Governor Malombe, Kitui County is experiencing a transformative revolution. The recent upgrade of the Yongela borehole exemplifies the County Government’s dedication to fulfilling its promises to the people.

This proactive approach not only addresses immediate needs, such as access to clean water, but also showcases a broader commitment to sustainable development and the well-being of Kitui’s residents. As the county continues to implement impactful projects, the positive ripple effects are becoming increasingly evident, reflecting a promising future for the community under Governor Malombe’s leadership.

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