Proposing Timely Justice: Hon. Nimrod Mbai’s Motion to Expedite Judicial Resolutions in Kenya


In a move aimed at addressing growing concerns over persistent delays in the Kenyan Judiciary, Honorable Nimrod Mbai, the Member of Parliament for Kitui East, has presented a groundbreaking motion in Parliament.

This proposal seeks to establish definitive timelines for the determination and resolution of petitions, offering a potential solution to the longstanding issue of delayed justice.

The recent backlog of critical cases, including those related to the Housing Levy, Health Levy, and various aspects of the Finance Act 2023, has sparked apprehension among Kenyan citizens. Beyond the legal complexities, these delays have far-reaching consequences, affecting the timely implementation of crucial policies that directly impact the well-being of the nation.

A notable voice in this discourse is Mr. Omtatah, a non-lawyer who has gained acclaim for filing an impressive number of public interest cases. The sheer volume of cases has not only strained the judicial system but has also left countless Kenyans in limbo, unable to fully engage in their work activities while awaiting court rulings.

Hon. Nimrod Mbai’s motion emerges as a proactive response to these challenges, aiming to introduce specific deadlines for the resolution of cases and petitions. The core objective is clear: to expedite service delivery within the Judiciary and ensure that justice is not just blind but also swift, meeting the urgent needs of the Kenyan people.

The proposed motion acknowledges the critical nature of cases related to levies and the Finance Act 2023, emphasizing their direct impact on the lives of citizens. By prescribing deadlines for case resolutions, Hon. Nimrod seeks to instill a sense of accountability and responsiveness within the legal system, fostering an environment conducive to economic and social development.

If successfully implemented, this motion could signify a significant leap forward in streamlining the judicial process in Kenya. It reflects a commitment to ensuring that the wheels of justice turn efficiently, aligning with the rapid pace of societal evolution.

As the motion progresses through the legislative channels, all eyes will be on Parliament to witness whether this proactive approach becomes a catalyst for positive change. Hon. Nimrod Mbai’s initiative not only highlights the need for a better Kenya.

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