Hon. Makali Mulu Poised to Be the Next Governor of Kitui in 2027


Kitui County, known for its rich culture and natural beauty, has been at the forefront of Kenya’s political landscape. With an eye on the 2027 gubernatorial elections, all eyes are on Hon. Makali Mulu, the current Member of Parliament for Kitui Central, who is emerging as a strong contender for the position of Governor.

A Visionary Leader

Hon. Makali Mulu’s political journey has been marked by dedication and commitment to serving the people of Kitui. His leadership style is characterized by a visionary approach that seeks to address the pressing issues facing the county. With a background in healthcare and education, Hon. Mulu has a keen understanding of the challenges Kitui faces in these critical sectors.

Healthcare Transformation

One of Hon. Makali Mulu’s standout achievements is his contribution to the improvement of healthcare infrastructure and services in Kitui Central. He has been instrumental in the establishment of new health facilities, ensuring that quality healthcare is accessible to all residents. His advocacy for community-based health programs has also empowered communities to take charge of their well-being.

Education and Youth Empowerment

Education is a cornerstone of development, and Hon. Mulu recognizes this. He has championed initiatives aimed at improving access to quality education for the youth in Kitui. Under his leadership, schools have seen significant improvements in infrastructure and resources. Additionally, his support for vocational training programs has opened up opportunities for the youth to acquire valuable skills.

Economic Empowerment

Hon. Makali Mulu’s commitment to economic empowerment is evident in his support for agricultural and entrepreneurial initiatives. He has worked tirelessly to provide farmers with access to markets and modern farming techniques. His focus on entrepreneurship has seen the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, creating employment opportunities within the county.

Unity and Inclusivity

In a diverse county like Kitui, unity and inclusivity are paramount. Hon. Mulu’s leadership style promotes dialogue and collaboration among various communities and interest groups. He believes in harnessing the collective strength of Kitui’s people to overcome challenges and achieve sustainable development.

The Road to 2027

As the 2027 gubernatorial elections draw near, Hon. Makali Mulu’s popularity continues to soar. His track record of effective leadership, coupled with his dedication to the well-being of Kitui’s residents, makes him a formidable candidate for the position of Governor. Kitui County awaits an election that promises to be a turning point in its development journey.

Finally Hon. Makali Mulu’s journey from Member of Parliament to potentially becoming the next Governor of Kitui is a testament to his unwavering commitment to serving the people. With a vision for a prosperous, united, and inclusive Kitui, he stands as a beacon of hope for the county’s future. As the 2027 elections approach, all eyes are on Hon. Mulu, a leader poised to steer Kitui County towards greater heights.

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