Empowering Education: Kitui East MP Hon Nimrod Mbai Launches Bursary Disbursement


In a significant stride towards bolstering education in Kitui East, Member of Parliament Hon Nimrod Mbai spearheaded the launch of the Bursary Disbursement program on January 19, 2024. The event unfolded at the Zombe NG-CDF Constituency Office, drawing the participation of key figures dedicated to advancing educational opportunities in the region.

Hon Nimrod Mbai, at the forefront of this initiative, personally led the bursary disbursement exercise. His commitment to education as a cornerstone for community development was palpable throughout the event, setting a tone of dedication for the attendees.

The event witnessed the presence of crucial administrative figures, including District Commissioners from Mutitu North, Nzambani, and Mutitu – Mary Lairubi, Fridah Kawira, and Emmanuel Mwachiro, respectively. Their involvement underscores the collaborative effort between political leadership and local administration to drive positive change in education.

Accompanying the MPs and DCCs were Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs, and NG-CDF Chairpersons from various sub-locations within Kitui East. Their unified presence emphasized a collective approach to addressing educational needs at the grassroots level.

Local leaders, such as MCA Nzambani Hon Musyoka Mbite and MCA of Zombe/Mwitika Ward Laban Malinga, added significant weight to the occasion. Their attendance signaled a broader commitment from various segments of the community towards the common goal of empowering the youth through accessible education.

Hon Nimrod Mbai’s proactive stance in initiating and leading the Bursary Disbursement program reflects a vision for a better-educated Kitui East. By involving key stakeholders at every level, the MP has not only showcased his commitment but has also laid the foundation for a more inclusive and collaborative approach to addressing educational challenges in the constituency.

As the funds find their way into the hands of deserving students, this initiative promises to be a catalyst for positive change, ensuring that education becomes a beacon of hope and empowerment for the youth of Kitui East. The Bursary Disbursement launch stands as a testament to the community’s resilience and determination to invest in the future through the gateway of education.

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