Kitwasco’s New Tariffs Secure Unanimous Public Support in Landmark Consultation Forum”


In a landmark event held at the Kitui Agricultural Training Center (ATC) on February 23, 2024, stakeholders, including Kitwasco staff, regulatory bodies, and the public, gathered for a public consultation forum on the proposed tariff review.

The meeting was led by Mr. Ngunda, Minister for Water and Irrigation, and Mr. Peter Kilonzo, Kitui’s CECM for Finance, Economic, and Revenue Management.

The forum began with participants unequivocally endorsing the acting Managing Director, Madam June, to be given a full mandate to lead Kitwasco. Governor Malombe received praise for the appointment, with speakers commending Madam June for her outstanding performance at the county-owned water service provider.

Tariff Review Approval:

During the consultation, participants unanimously adopted the new Kitwasco Water Tariffs, marking a significant stride for the company. The proposed friendly tariffs are aimed at supporting Kitwasco, whose existing rates were last reviewed in 2011, approximately 13 years ago.

The County Government Commitment, Mr. Ngunda, the Minister for Water and Irrigation, assured the public of the Kitui County Government’s commitment to creating a conducive environment for water development. The County Government, through Governor Malombe, received accolades for prioritizing the water sector.

Public Participation Importance:

Mr. Peter Mwikya Kilonzo, the Minister for Finance, Economic, and Revenue Management, highlighted the long-overdue nature of public participation in reviewing Kitwasco’s tariffs. The event served as a platform for stakeholders to discuss and embrace changes that will benefit both consumers and service providers.

Regulatory Guidance:

WASREB, the regulatory body, played a crucial role in guiding the public on their roles and the responsibilities of the County Government in water provision according to the 2010 constitution. The regulator emphasized their primary responsibility is to protect the interests of consumers and service providers.

International Support:

The occasion was graced by the presence of the USAID Kenya team, led by Mr. Uyungi, underlining the importance of international collaboration in supporting local water initiatives.

The public consultation forum marked a pivotal moment for Kitwasco, with stakeholders uniting to support the proposed friendly tariffs and affirming Madam June’s leadership. The event showcased a harmonious collaboration between the government, regulatory bodies, and the public, highlighting the commitment to providing sustainable water services for Kitui Municipality and beyond.


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