Kamba and GEMA Communities Join Forces


In a significant step towards fostering unity and collaboration, leaders from the Kamba community and their GEMA counterparts are making strides in bringing their communities closer together. The move has gained momentum, receiving support from influential figures like Wiper leader Hon Kalonzo Musyoka.

Recently, a pivotal meeting took place where Kamba MPs and members from Mt Kenya engaged in discussions to enhance their good neighborhood. Wiper leader Hon Kalonzo Musyoka gave his blessing to this initiative, marking a significant moment in the efforts to unite these communities.

A notable event further exemplifying this unity occurred in Mwingi West, where Member of Parliament Charles Nguna extended a warm invitation to Kiharu Member of Parliament Hon Ndindi Nyoro. The event, hosted at Kiomo secondary school, witnessed the handover of a brand new school bus by Nguna to the school. The chief guest for this auspicious occasion was none other than Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro.

Kitui women representative Hon Irene Kasalu and local leaders were also present to bless the event, underscoring the collaborative spirit among leaders from Kitui and Ukambani. In an interview with TCD Digital, MP Charles Nguna expressed the shared aspiration for unity with their cousins in GEMA.

Nguna emphasized the commitment of leaders from Kitui and Ukambani to deliver positive outcomes for their constituents. While some regions grapple with internal conflicts, the leaders from this alliance are focused on tangible results. Nguna remarked, “While others are busy fighting, we are busy delivering products. We want a reunion with GEMA.”

The move to unite Kamba with their fellow GEMA community has been well-received by the people of Kitui, reflecting a collective desire for collaboration and progress. As these leaders continue to forge stronger bonds, the potential for economic and social development within the region becomes increasingly promising.

The initiative not only signifies a commitment to unity but also serves as a model for fostering harmonious relationships across diverse communities for the greater good.

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