Kitui Deputy Speaker MCA Nzilu Calls for Environmental Friendly Mining Stewardship


In a significant stride towards harnessing the untapped mineral wealth of Kitui County, the Deputy Speaker Hon Christopher Nzilu expressed the County Assembly’s resolute support for government initiatives geared towards mining opportunities.

Acting in place of Speaker Hon Kinengo, Hon Nzilu emphasized the Assembly’s commitment to fostering economic growth for the people of Kitui.

During a meeting with the Cabinet Secretary for Mining, Blue Economy, and Maritime Affairs, Salim Mvurya, on March 11, 2024, members of the County Assembly Committee on Environment, Energy, and Minerals Investments Development joined forces with Governor Dr. Julius Makau Malombe to discuss the modalities of collaboration between the county and national government in tapping into Kitui’s abundant mineral resources.

CS Mvurya underscored the importance of responsible and sustainable mining practices, assuring that the government’s focus is not only on extracting minerals but also on preserving and rehabilitating the environment. Kitui County, blessed with numerous mineral deposits, stands poised to benefit significantly if these resources are extracted judiciously.

Governor Malombe echoed the sentiment, urging the Cabinet Secretary to ensure that mining license holders contribute to the local community by establishing industries on-site. This strategic move aims to empower the residents directly affected by mining activities, ensuring they reap the benefits of their natural resources.

The Governor also highlighted the necessity of amending existing mining laws to combat illegal mining activities that have undermined the county’s revenue streams. This call for regulatory adjustments aligns with the collective effort to ensure the responsible exploitation of Kitui’s mineral wealth.

Chairperson for the Environment, Energy, and Minerals Investments Development Committee, Hon. Muange, expressed gratitude for the CS’s visit, emphasizing the need for long-overdue regulation in the mining sector. He assured CS Mvurya of the Committee’s support in this crucial endeavor.

The meeting boasted a notable attendance, including Cabinet Secretary for Arid and Semi-Arid Lands and Regional Development Peninah Malonza, Deputy Governor H.E Augustine Wambua Kanani, Members of Parliament, County Commissioner Kipchumba Ruto, and other senior government officials. Their collective commitment to the cause signals a collaborative and comprehensive approach to unlocking Kitui County’s mining potential.

As Kitui County and the national government join hands in this endeavor, the emphasis on environmental preservation, community empowerment, and regulatory enhancements marks a significant step towards sustainable development and equitable distribution of the benefits derived from the region’s rich mineral resources.

The journey towards responsible mining practices has begun, with Kitui County poised to emerge as a model for others to follow in harnessing the wealth beneath the earth’s surface.


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