KITUI RURAL Gears Up for Clean Water Access with MWITASYANO – KWAKILUI – KWA – KILYA – MATULANI – KING’ATANI Water Project


In a bid to significantly enhance access to clean water and improve sanitation in the Kitui region, the Member of County Assembly (MCA) for Kwa Vonza, Hon. Mark Ndingo, spearheaded a crucial initiative alongside officials from the Kitui Water and Sanitation Company Limited (KWASCO).

This initiative aimed to deeply engage with the community and prepare them for the operationalization of the MWITASYANO – KWAKILUI – KWA – KILYA – MATULANI – KING’ATANI Water Project.

Under the visionary leadership of Hon. Mark Ndingo and the Managing Director of KWASCO, Madam June, the team embarked on a comprehensive series of outreach and sensitization forums. These forums, strategically held in key locations such as Kiumoni, Kwakilui, and Matulani markets, served as pivotal platforms to educate the public about the forthcoming water project and its transformative potential on their lives.

During these forums, community members were not only informed about the significance of the water project but were also actively encouraged to participate in the application process for water connections. Through engaging presentations and interactive sessions, the team adeptly addressed concerns, clarified doubts, and outlined the streamlined procedures for individuals and public institutions to apply for connections.

The outreach efforts transcended mere awareness-raising; they fostered a profound sense of empowerment within the community. By equipping individuals with the requisite knowledge and resources to access clean water, the project aims to significantly enhance health outcomes, catalyze economic development, and elevate the overall quality of life for residents in the Kitui region.

Hon. Mark Ndingo emphasized the pivotal role of community involvement in ensuring the success of the water project, stating, “This initiative underscores our unwavering commitment to ensuring that every resident has equitable access to clean water. Through collaborative efforts, we can collectively forge a brighter and healthier future for our community.”

Madam June, Managing Director of KWASCO, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the synergy between the government and the community. “We are resolutely dedicated to meeting the needs of the people, and this project exemplifies our collective resolve to effect positive change in the lives of Kitui residents,” she remarked.

With the application process now open, individuals and public institutions are strongly encouraged to seize this opportune moment to secure access to clean water.

As the MWITASYANO – KWAKILUI – KWA – KILYA – MATULANI – KING’ATANI Water Project gears up for operationalization, it signifies not only a significant milestone in infrastructure development but also serves as a beacon of hope for a markedly brighter future in the Kitui region.

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