Kitui Residents Demand Tharaka Nithi Governor Respect County Autonomy Amid Political Meddling”


Residents of Kitui are voicing strong objections to what they perceive as unwanted intrusion into their local political affairs by Tharaka Nithi Governor, Muthomi Juki. Recent events have ignited discontent among Kitui residents, who are adamant that Governor Juki should focus solely on governing his own county.

The issue came to a head during a gathering where Governor Juki attended a homecoming event for a Kitui Member of the County Assembly from Tharaka Ward in Mwingi North. During the event, Governor Juki openly supported Senator Wambua, sidelining other potential gubernatorial candidates for the 2027 General Elections. This blatant favoritism did not sit well with Kitui residents, who believe Governor Juki’s involvement in their local politics is unwarranted.

Speaking anonymously, concerned residents emphasized Governor Juki’s obligation to prioritize his duties within Tharaka Nithi County and refrain from interfering in Kitui’s affairs. They cited constitutional provisions that clearly prohibit governors from meddling in the governance of other counties.

This sentiment reflects broader concerns about the autonomy and sovereignty of local governance structures. Devolution principles aim to decentralize power and empower counties to manage their own affairs independently. External interference, especially from neighboring counties, poses a threat to this fundamental aspect of devolved governance.

Governor Juki’s involvement in Kitui politics raises questions about his adherence to legal frameworks and his commitment to effective governance within Tharaka Nithi County. With pressing issues facing his own constituency, residents expect Governor Juki to focus his energy and resources on addressing local challenges.

As discontent mounts, Governor Juki must heed Kitui residents’ concerns and concentrate on fulfilling his mandate within Tharaka Nithi County. Respect for county boundaries is crucial for fostering cooperation and progress among neighboring counties. Governor Juki’s adherence to devolution principles will uphold the rule of law and advance democratic governance in Kenya.

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