Mp Charles Nguna Accelerates Road Safety and Livelihoods with 90 Bodaboda Licenses in Mwingi West


High ranking Mwingi West MP Hon. Charles Nguna Empowers Bodaboda Riders with Driving Licenses and Support at Nguutani Town.

In a remarkable display of commitment to his constituency, Mwingi West Member of Parliament, Hon. Charles Nguna, recently spearheaded the Phase II Bodaboda Empowerment Programme. This initiative, held in Nguutani Town, not only symbolized Nguna’s dedication to the welfare of his constituents but also showcased his determination to promote road safety and empower the local community.

A significant highlight of the event was the distribution of motorcycle driving licenses to a group of 90 bodaboda riders who had successfully completed their training. This training was made possible through the generous sponsorship of the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) for the fiscal year 2022/2023, under Hon. Charles Nguna’s able patronage.

These licenses represent more than just a piece of paper; they are a testament to the MP’s commitment to improving the livelihoods of the bodaboda riders in Mwingi West. By equipping them with the necessary skills and legal documentation, Nguna is ensuring that these riders can pursue their livelihoods safely and legally.

But Hon. Charles Nguna’s support didn’t stop there. An additional 200 Provisional Driving Licences were handed over to bodaboda riders who are currently undergoing motorcycle driving classes, all still under the sponsorship of the Mwingi West NG-CDF. This provision allows these riders to practice and gain experience while working towards acquiring their full motorcycle driving licenses.

The atmosphere during the event was one of gratitude and excitement. Bodaboda riders expressed their appreciation for the MP’s unwavering support, which is making a tangible difference in their lives. They acknowledged that having proper licenses not only enhances their professional status but also ensures the safety of both riders and passengers on the road.

After the important exercise, Hon. Charles Nguna rushed back to Parliament, where he continues to advocate for the needs and aspirations of his constituents. His proactive approach to governance and commitment to empowering the people of Mwingi West serves as a shining example of effective leadership and community engagement.

As the Phase II Bodaboda Empowerment Programme unfolds, it is evident that Hon. Charles Nguna’s vision for a safer, more prosperous Mwingi West is becoming a reality, one license at a time.

His dedication to uplifting the bodaboda riders in his constituency is not only commendable but also a testament to the transformative power of grassroots initiatives supported by responsible leadership.

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