Kitui Soars: CEC Itiko Unleashes Development Revolution Across the County!


The CECM for roads Eng Itiko passionately reaffirms the Malombe administration’s steadfast commitment to fostering equitable development in Kitui. Launching the ambitious 10Km per Ward initiative in Tharaka, he underscores the government’s dedication to fair service delivery and resource allocation across all 40 Wards.

This strategic plan, deeply rooted in Governor Malombe’s visionary blueprint, seeks to uplift the lives of Kitui residents. The groundbreaking program, inaugurated in the presence of Area MCA Muthengi Ndagara and other leaders, marks a decisive step towards enhancing market connectivity and regional progress.

Engineer Itiko, joined by distinguished engineers, meticulously assesses vital projects, including road developments in Gakombe village and the Kitui County Aggregation and Industrial Park in Kanyonyoo. This narrative not only highlights developmental initiatives but also carries a political weight, underscoring the government’s unwavering commitment to transformative progress.


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