Kitui County Government’s Commitment to Alleviate Water Scarcity in Mumoni Ward


In a recent development tour of Mumoni Ward, Kitui County, the Water and Irrigation Minister, Peter Nkunda, emphasized the county government’s unwavering commitment to addressing the critical issue of water scarcity. The focus on underserved areas, particularly Mumoni Ward, reflects Governor Dr Julius Malombe’s dedicated plan to improve the lives of all residents.

Minister Nkunda highlighted the significant investment of resources aimed at ensuring that residents no longer have to endure arduous journeys of over 2 kilometers in search of water for both domestic use and their animals. This initiative aligns with the broader vision of creating sustainable access to water resources.

Mumoni Ward, identified as one of the areas grappling with severe water deficits, became the focal point of the government’s developmental efforts. The minister, along with his team, engaged with citizens during the tour to better understand the challenges faced by the community.

As part of the county’s comprehensive strategy, Minister Nkunda unveiled a series of substantial projects slated for various wards and sub-counties. These initiatives are poised to benefit thousands of citizens by providing safe and high-quality water, marking a crucial step towards improving overall living standards.

Accompanying the minister, Hon Titus Kasinga, the Area MCA, expressed appreciation for Governor Dr Julius Malombe’s dedication to the welfare of Kitui residents. Kasinga assured that the County Assembly would continue to collaborate closely with the Executive to ensure the successful implementation of projects that directly impact the lives of the people.

The development tour also saw the presence of key figures in the water sector, including Paul Kinuba, MD of Kiambere Mwingi Water and Sanitation Company (KIMWASCO), Eng. Kennedy Mutati, Water Deputy Director, Eng. David Musau, KIMWASCO’s Technical Manager, and Benjamin Mutonga, Mwingi North Sub County Water officer. Their involvement underscores the collaborative efforts between government agencies and the private sector to address the pressing issue of water scarcity.

In conclusion, Kitui County’s proactive approach to tackling water scarcity in Mumoni Ward serves as a beacon of hope for residents facing the challenges of inadequate water supply. With strategic investments and a commitment to executing vital projects, the county government aims to create lasting positive change, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for Kitui’s citizens.

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