Mp Irene Kasalu Slams CS Penina Malonza


Kitui Woman Representative Hon. Irene Muthoni Kasalu has stirred discussions in Kitui County by revealing her pivotal role in the appointment of Cabinet Secretary Penina Malonza.

Kasalu claims to have sponsored a motion in parliament to secure Malonza’s approval, showcasing political maturity by putting aside past rivalries. However, reactions among Kitui residents vary, with some praising Kasalu’s influence and others questioning her motives.

At a public event attended by MP Hon. Ndindi Nyoro, Kasalu challenged Malonza to prioritize infrastructure development, emphasizing the need for water supply and roads over short-term relief efforts. This call has sparked debates about the political leaders’ priorities in Kitui, as residents express their desire for sustainable development.

As Kasalu continues to make bold statements, the dynamic political landscape in Kitui leaves residents eager to witness the tangible impact of these maneuvers on their daily lives.

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