Harmonious Welcome and Praise as Kwa Vonza MCA Honors Governor Malombe’s Vision for Kitui in State of the County Address


In a warm and gracious reception, Kwa Vonza MCA Hon. Mark Ndingo extended a hearty welcome to His Excellency, Governor Dr. Julius Malombe, as he arrived at the County Assembly of Kitui for the State of the County Address.

The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as the MCA, in a display of unity and respect, ushered the governor into the assembly chambers.This gesture not only showcased a harmonious relationship between the executive and legislative branches but also reflected a shared commitment to the development and progress of Kitui County.

During the State of the County Address, Governor Dr. Julius Malombe delivered a comprehensive overview of the accomplishments achieved by the county in the past year and outlined the strategic initiatives set to shape the forthcoming financial year.MCA Hon. Mark Ndingo, in response to the governor’s speech, commended the visionary leadership and applauded the emphasis placed on the Kitui Promise.

The MCA highlighted the significance of the governor’s address in reinforcing the collective aspirations of the county, recognizing it as a crucial roadmap towards realizing the shared goals for a more prosperous and inclusive Kitui.


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