Unity Prevails: Kitui County Leaders Stand Strong Amidst Political Challenges


In the heart of Kitui County, amidst a leadership tussle that may have rattled the political landscape, the County Assembly and the Executive arm of the government stand as pillars of resilience.

The Assembly Speaker, Hon. Kevin Kinengo, recently reaffirmed their commitment to working in unison, ensuring that the development agenda for Kitui County marches forward without hindrance.

In an exclusive interview with TCD Editorial, Speaker Kinengo highlighted the determination of both the County Assembly and Governor Dr. Malombe to maintain their collaborative efforts.

He emphasized that all Members of County Assembly (MCAs), regardless of their political affiliations, have come together in a remarkable display of unity to support Governor Malombe’s vision for the county’s progress.

One cannot ignore the external forces that have attempted to sow discord among the leadership of Kitui County.These forces, often fueled by personal interests, have sought to divide and conquer.

However, it is evident that the County Assembly remains resolute in its commitment to working harmoniously with Governor Malombe.

Their dedication to the well-being and development of Kitui County transcends political differences and external influences.The unity exhibited by the County Assembly and the Executive arm of the government is a testament to the resilience of Kitui County’s leadership.

It demonstrates their unwavering focus on the greater good, prioritizing the needs and aspirations of the people they serve over any political or personal agenda.

This commitment to collaboration and unity is precisely what the people of Kitui County need in these challenging times.In a world that often seems divided, the County Assembly and Governor Malombe are setting a commendable example by working together to achieve their shared goals.

It is this spirit of cooperation that will undoubtedly pave the way for continued progress and prosperity in Kitui County.As Kitui County continues on its path of development and growth, it is heartening to see its leaders put aside their differences for the greater good.

In the face of external pressures and political maneuvering, the unity and resilience of the County Assembly and the Executive arm of the government shine brightly as beacons of hope for a better future for all residents of Kitui County.


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