National Anzauni Patron Dr. Augustus Kyalo Muli Joins Commemorative Gathering for Maiyu Wanzili’s Farewell


In a poignant gathering on a Saturday afternoon, National Anzauni Patron Dr. Augustus Kyalo Muli stood alongside friends and family to bid a solemn farewell to the late Maiyu Wanzili in the serene Maai location of Mwingi Central.

Maiyu, a beloved figure in the community, was not just a cherished member of her family but also the nurturing mother of the renowned traditional song soloist and artist, Wamaiyu. Her influence resonated through the melodies of her offspring, enriching the cultural tapestry of the region.

The farewell ceremony drew a distinguished assembly of mourners, with prominent figures paying their respects. Among them was the esteemed Wiper Leader, HE Dr. Stephen Kalonzo, whose presence added a sense of significance to the occasion. Kitui County’s Governor, HE Dr. Julius Malombe, joined the assembly, reflecting the communal grief and respect for Maiyu’s memory.

The political arena was also represented by Kitui County MPs, led by Hon. Makali Mulu and Hon. Charles Nguna, demonstrating a unified front in honoring the departed soul. Kitui County Assembly Speaker, Hon. Kelvin Kinengo, added a parliamentary presence, underscoring the broader impact of Maiyu’s life.

The gathering was not merely a mourning ceremony; it was a celebration of Maiyu Wanzili’s life and the profound impact she had on her family, community, and the artistic realm through her talented offspring. As tears mingled with memories, the atmosphere carried a poignant reflection of the invaluable role Maiyu played in shaping the cultural and familial landscape of Mwingi Central.

In times of sorrow, the community came together to share in the grief, finding solace in the collective memories of a life well-lived. Maiyu Wanzili’s legacy will undoubtedly endure through the melodies of her child and the indelible mark she left on the hearts of those fortunate enough to have known her.

As the sun set on Maai location, it marked not just the end of a chapter but the beginning of a timeless remembrance of Maiyu Wanzili—a matriarch, a supporter of the arts, and a beloved figure who will live on in the hearts of those she touched.

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