CS Peninah Malonza and Dr. Kyalo Muli Unite to Empower Kitui Women Through Sacco Launch at KEFRI


On Saturday 24th February 2024, the National Anzauni Patron Dr Kyalo Muli has heroically been received at the CS Peninah Malonza’s event on the launch of Kitui Women’s Saccos at KEFRI .

The Kyalo Kya Maendeeo CBO founder who has been empowering women through Women empowerment projects was invited by Cabinet Secretary Hon Peninah Malonza due to his involvement with women empowerment activities.

Dr Augustus Kyalo Muli a close ally of Cs Peninah Malonza was attending the event with an investor from United Arab Emirates who is interested in investing in development projects in Kitui County.

” Am speaking on behalf of Kyalo Kyalo Kya Maendeeo and we will invest alot of resources to support our people. We are going to unite as leaders in the county to change the lives of our people” Said Dr Augustus.

The launch and formation of Saccos in Kitui County is a wake up call for the people of Kitui on developing saving mode which willl help change the status of our community.

Peninah’s launch of Saccos in Kitui was graced by Cabinet Secretary for Cooperatives Hon CS Simon Chelengui who called on Kitui people to organize themselves into groups and make investments that will change their lives and eradicate poverty in the region.

Cabinet Secretary Peninah Malonza congratulated the Kyalo Kya Maendeeo founder for finding it wise to launch a life changing opportunity project to the people of Kitui County.

“Dr Augustus Kyalo Muli invited me to grace one of his event’s and he has been running several women empowerment projects impacting many lives of our people . In my tenure as Cabinet Secretary for Tourism i didn’t have enough time to actualize such projects as Dr Kyalo Muli . Projects like basket weaving must be owned by our people because it’s one of cultural practices we are used to ” Said Malonza.

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