Mbaya Mbaya Liberation Movement moves to take control of the UDA Kitui Chapter


In a bold move to reclaim control of Kitui County’s UDA Party Affairs, the Mbaya Mbaya Liberation Movement has emerged with a resolute mission: to assemble a formidable team capable of facing other political parties in future elections. Led by Mbaya Mbaya himself, the movement’s primary focus is on securing seats from MCAs to Governors, determined to overcome past setbacks in the 2022 General elections.

The movement attributes its defeat in the previous elections to the influence of what they describe as “busy bodies and brokers” who had taken control of the party. Mbaya Mbaya insists that such interference will not be tolerated again, vowing to usher in a new era where genuine leaders, untainted by parasitic behavior, guide the UDA Party in Kitui.

Central to their cause is a clear directive from the Party Leader regarding the involvement of government-appointed officials in political affairs. The message is unequivocal: stay clear of party elections. Any breach of this decree, the movement declares, will be met with a declaration of “total war” on such individuals, emphasizing that it’s not a threat but a commitment to preserving the party’s integrity.

Mbaya Mbaya articulates his political philosophy with two key principles. First, “Freedom of expression is allowed, but freedom after expression is not guaranteed.” This suggests a demand for responsible and accountable discourse within the party. Second, “It’s either you are with us or against us,” reflecting a binary stance until the UDA Party is purged of what they term as “Joy Riders” and “wannabees.”

The movement’s rallying cry echoes a sentiment familiar in political arenas: “Hate the game, don’t hate the player.” This underscores their determination to reshape the political landscape within the UDA Kitui chapter, emphasizing the need for true leaders who are willing to put in the effort, sweat, and blood required to secure victories in upcoming elections.

As the Mbaya Mbaya Liberation Movement takes charge, Kitui County watches with anticipation, eager to witness if this new chapter will indeed usher in the promised era of genuine leadership and political transformation within the UDA Party.

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