Mark Nding’o, MCA for Yatta/Kwavonza Ward, Champions Kitui County Aggregation and Industrial Park


In a recent public participation forum held at Kyenze Primary School grounds, the Honorable Mark Nding’o, Member of County Assembly (MCA) for Yatta/Kwavonza Ward, expressed his unwavering support for the proposed Kitui County Aggregation and Industrial Park. This ambitious project is set to be established on a sprawling 1,500 acres of land within the B2/Katoteni area, specifically in Kanyoonyoo village.The most compelling aspect of this development is the enthusiastic consent from the B2/Katoteni community to have the industrial park situated within their vicinity. This collective decision demonstrates their belief in the potential benefits that this project promises to bring to the region.

Hon. Mark Nding’o, who represents the Yatta/Kwavonza Ward, is fervently advocating for the realization of this vision, emphasizing its transformative potential. He firmly believes that the Aggregation and Industrial Park has the power to spur unprecedented development in the area, earning its reputation as the “industrial heart” of Kitui County.One of the key drivers of Hon. Mark Nding’o’s appeal is the promise of job creation that this industrial park holds. It’s not just a vision for economic growth; it’s a vision for empowering the local community with employment opportunities. This is a crucial aspect in a region where job opportunities can significantly improve the quality of life for many.The MCA also highlighted the strategic location of the industrial park. Situated at the crossroads of B2/Katoteni, it has the potential to become a pivotal economic hub that connects various parts of the county.

This strategic placement is not just about local development but also about enhancing connectivity and trade in the broader context of Kitui County.To ensure transparency and fairness, Hon. Mark Nding’o confirmed that an open tender process will be conducted to select the most suitable partner for the construction of the park.

Once the contract is awarded, construction work will commence promptly, bringing this promising project closer to reality.In conclusion, Hon. Mark Nding’o’s wholehearted support for the Kitui County Aggregation and Industrial Park reflects his commitment to the development and progress of his constituency and the county as a whole.

The potential benefits of this project, from job creation to economic growth, are indeed compelling, and it is a project worth rallying behind for the greater good of the Yatta/Kwavonza community and Kitui County at large.

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