Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna Advocates for Unity and Development in Ukambani


In a resounding call for progress, Mwingi West Member of Parliament, Charles Nguna, has urged fellow leaders in the Ukambani Region to prioritize development over endless politicking.

Mp Nguna emphasized the need for unity among leaders and a collaborative effort with the current government to accelerate mega development projects.

The Wiper MP stressed that it is time for the Ukambani Region to shift its focus from political disputes to actively engaging with the national government. Nguna encouraged leaders to work hand in hand with the government of the day, emphasizing the importance of a cohesive approach to achieve significant development milestones.

Nguna highlighted the urgency of pushing for mega development projects from the National government rather than perpetuating attacks on the presidency. He asserted that the region’s progress hinges on a constructive and cooperative relationship with the central government.

“We need unity as leaders so that we can demand completion of mega-stalled projects in Ukambani,” Nguna stated. He called upon Senators, Governors, and other leaders to unite their efforts, emphasizing the collective responsibility to meet with the President and secure substantial development for the region.

The Wiper MP underscored the significance of setting aside political differences for the greater good of Ukambani. By fostering a collaborative spirit among leaders, Nguna believes that the region can advocate for the realization of long-awaited mega projects that will uplift the lives of its residents.

Nguna’s call for unity and a focus on development resonates with the broader sentiment that progress requires collective action. As leaders rally behind the imperative of completing stalled projects, there is hope that Ukambani will witness a new era of growth and prosperity under the banner of collaboration and constructive engagement with the national government.

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