Governor Julius Malombe’s Ambitious Healthcare Vision for Kitui County


In a significant step towards a healthier and more promising future for Kitui County residents, Governor Dr. Julius Malombe (EGH) recently unveiled the Kitui County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) 2023-2027, placing healthcare at its core.

Kitui County is now emerging as a leading provider of healthcare services in Kenya, with an impressive network of 308 functional healthcare facilities.

This is a demonstration of a steadfast commitment by the County Government to guarantee access to quality and reliable healthcare for all.

Governor Malombe’s visionary plan aims to revolutionize Kitui’s healthcare landscape over the next five years, with a three-pronged approach:

*1. Establishment of Teaching and Referral Hospitals:*
The Kitui and Mwingi Level IV hospitals are set to undergo a monumental transformation into teaching and referral facilities in order to not only serve as centers of excellence in medical training but also as pillars of top-notch healthcare services for the people of Kitui.

*2. Medicine for All:*
A pivotal component of this plan focuses on ensuring comprehensive stocking of drugs and non-pharmaceuticals besides installation and operationalization of essential and specialized medical equipment.

The County Administration plans to allocate a whopping Sh.2.1 billion towards provision of adequate and quality medical supplies for all health facilities. This investment will ensure that the county’s healthcare infrastructure is adequately equipped to address the diverse healthcare needs of Kitui residents.

*3. Emphasis on Preventive and Promotive Healthcare:*

Governor Malombe’s development recognizes the importance of a proactive healthcare approach in alleviating the disease burden on the county’s medical system.

To accomplish this, the county has engaged 2,470 Community Health Promoters (CHPs) to champion preventive and promotive healthcare practices in every part of the county.

The CHPs are a driving force in ensuring that the community is well-informed and empowered to take charge of their health.

*CGoK-Comm. Dept.*

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