Delivering The Kitui County Promise” – SEKU’s 10th Graduation Ceremony


Date: October 26, 2024

In a grand and joyous celebration, South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) marked its 10th Graduation Ceremony on October 26, 2024, at the graduation Pavilion, Main Campus at Kwa Vonza, Kitui Rural Sub-county. The event was graced by the presence of Kitui’s Deputy Governor, HE Wambua Kanani, who addressed the SEKU graduands and reaffirmed the commitment of Dr. Malombe, the Governor of Kitui County, towards ending education inequality and fostering service delivery in the region.

A significant number of 1190 learners were conferred with various academic qualifications during this memorable occasion, reflecting the university’s dedication to advancing education and knowledge in Kitui County and beyond.

Governor Malombe, who is known for championing the slogan “Kisomo Nokyo,” took the opportunity to congratulate the incoming Vice Chancellor, Prof. Shitanda, and assured him of the county’s support in achieving the establishment of SEKU Mwingi campus. This new campus is expected to expand learning opportunities for students from Kitui County and beyond, further emphasizing the commitment to education accessibility.

But the promises did not stop there. The Governor also revealed an ambitious master plan for improving Kitui County Referral Hospital (KCRH) and Mwingi Level IV hospital, with the goal of transforming them into teaching and referral hospitals. These hospitals are set to pioneer the prestigious SEKU School of Medicine. This visionary approach will not only give medical students a distinct advantage in their careers but also enhance the quality of healthcare services available to the people of Kitui County.

One of the significant highlights of this plan is the upcoming postmodern cancer center at KCRH. This state-of-the-art facility will not only provide cancer treatment services to the people of Kitui but also serve as a training ground for medical students pursuing various medical-related courses. It is a remarkable step towards ensuring that the county’s healthcare system is not only advanced but also a hub for medical excellence.

The new Vice Chancellor, Prof. Shitanda, expressed his gratitude for the Kitui County Government’s unwavering efforts in enhancing the institution. He pledged to work in close partnership with the county to bring about positive changes and advancements within SEKU.

Apart from the distinguished presence of Deputy Governor HE Wambua Kanani, the event also attracted senior scholars from across the country, underlining its significance and the support SEKU enjoys in its mission to deliver quality education and healthcare services.

In conclusion, the 10th Graduation Ceremony at SEKU was not just a celebration of academic achievements but also a testament to the commitment of Kitui County to provide equal access to education and improve healthcare services.

The promise of “Kisomo Nokyo” and the visionary plans for medical education and healthcare will undoubtedly transform the region, creating new opportunities and raising the bar for academic and medical excellence.

This event marks a pivotal moment in the journey of SEKU and Kitui County towards a brighter, more inclusive, and prosperous future.

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