Tensions Rise as MP Makali Mulu Cautions Anzauni Clan Patron’s Initiative at Kitui Funeral


Dr. Makali Mulu, the MP for Kitui Central and gubernatorial aspirant, advised Anzauni Clan Patron Dr. Augustus Kyalo Muli to approach his “kusuvia mbai” initiative with caution.

The Tensions arose at the funeral of former Councillor Hon Malinga in Itoleka when Dr. Kyalo Muli was welcomed by enthusiastic youth chanting “Musuvii wa Mbai.” Dr. Mulu emphasized the need for silence and calm at Kitui funerals, differing from Luo traditions.

Despite the commotion, Dr. Kyalo Muli defended the youth’s pride in their Patron, highlighting the importance of recognizing cultural and Clan leaders. He pledged to foster Clan unity and empower both the young and old in the community.

Leaving the funeral, the Anzauni Patron engaged with Governor Dr. Malombe, raising questions about Dr. Kyalo Muli’s potential interest in the Kitui Central Constituency seat in 2027, as Dr. Mulu sets his sights on the Governor seat. Exciting developments lie ahead.

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