Kitui Speaker Kinengo Welcomes Tana River Assembly for Benchmarking on Development


Kitui County, Kenya – In a gesture of collaboration and shared development, the Kitui County Assembly Speaker, Hon. Kinengo, extended a warm welcome to a delegation from the Tana River County Assembly for a benchmarking visit. The visit aims to foster mutual learning and exchange of ideas on matters of development and governance.

On a sunny morning, the Tana River delegation was received with open arms at the Kitui County Assembly premises. Hon. Kinengo, accompanied by members of the Kitui County Assembly, expressed his delight in hosting the guests from Tana River. He emphasized the importance of inter-county cooperation in achieving sustainable development goals and improving the lives of the citizens.

Today I welcomed a delegation from the County Assembly of Tanariver for Benchmarking on our County Assembly of Kitui developments. The team was led by their Speaker Hon. Osman Galole, Mr. Abdullahi Dayib (Clerk of the Assembly), Hon.Rhoda Raha (Deputy Speaker) Clerk, a section of MCAs, and members of the service.

I commended them for visiting the County Assembly of Kitui and encouraged them that it is good we come up with exchange programs together engaging our Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) to learn best practices that will improve service delivery to the electorates as we execute our mandate.

Hon. Kinengo stated, “We are pleased to have our colleagues from Tana River County Assembly here today. This benchmarking visit signifies our commitment to learning from each other’s experiences and best practices. It is through such interactions that we can enhance our governance systems and promote development in our respective counties.”

The Tana River delegation, led by their Speaker, was equally enthusiastic about the visit. They expressed their gratitude to the Kitui County Assembly for the warm reception and the opportunity to learn from Kitui’s experiences in various areas, including infrastructure development, healthcare, education, and agriculture.

The benchmarking program includes a series of meetings, workshops, and site visits to key development projects in Kitui County. This will allow the Tana River delegation to gain insights into successful initiatives and innovative approaches implemented in Kitui.

The exchange of knowledge and ideas between the two counties is expected to yield significant benefits. It will enable both counties to adapt and implement policies and projects that have proven effective elsewhere, leading to improved service delivery, economic growth, and a higher quality of life for their residents.

Additionally, the benchmarking visit promotes unity and cooperation among counties, a vital aspect of Kenya’s devolved system of government. Such collaborations can help bridge gaps and disparities, fostering a sense of solidarity among counties and contributing to the overall development of the nation.

As the benchmarking program progresses, both Kitui and Tana River Counties anticipate building stronger ties and forging lasting partnerships for the betterment of their communities. The exchange of ideas and experiences is a testament to the commitment of Kenyan counties to work together towards shared goals and aspirations.

In conclusion, the visit by the Tana River County Assembly to Kitui County represents a significant step in inter-county cooperation and knowledge sharing. It exemplifies the spirit of unity among Kenyan counties and underscores the importance of learning from one another for the common good. As the benchmarking program unfolds, it is expected to lead to tangible improvements in the development landscape of both Kitui and Tana River Counties.


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