Kitui County Champions Fertilizer Adoption


On Friday, February 16, 2024, Kitui County’s CECM for Agriculture and Livestock Development, Stephen Mbaya Kimwele, along with Agriculture and Fisheries Chief Officer Gladys Kivoto, conducted an inspection of sunflower seeds at the Kitui NCPB.

During the visit, Mr. Kimwele emphasized the crucial role of fertilizers in enhancing agricultural yields and urged farmers across the county to adopt modern agricultural technologies for maximum benefits.

Highlighting the collaborative efforts between the County Government and the National Government, Mr. Kimwele underscored their joint implementation of the Kenyan National Fertilizer Subsidy.

This initiative, aligned with Governor Dr. Julius Malombe’s 16-sector Development Plan, aims to expand food production in Kitui County. The National Fertilizer Subsidy offers fertilizers at half the price of commercial alternatives, contributing to the stability of food prices and the overall growth of Kenya’s Agricultural Sector.

Expressing concern over the low uptake of fertilizer in Kitui, Mr. Kimwele urged farmers to embrace its use to improve yields and reduce post-harvest losses. Kitui Cereals and Produce Board Depot Manager, Ms. Patricia Kimani, encouraged farmers to register through the voucher number *616*# to access benefits from the National Government.

In a significant announcement, Mr. Kimwele revealed that fertilizers for Kitui farmers are readily available for purchase at the Kitui Cereals and Produce Board, with a 50kg bag priced at sh.2500.

Additionally, he emphasized the commitment of County Extension Officers to tirelessly train farmers on good agricultural practices, recognizing the importance of informed decision-making in agriculture.

This proactive stance by Kitui County signals a concerted effort to empower local farmers and promote sustainable agricultural practices, aligning with broader goals of enhancing food production and ensuring agricultural prosperity in the region.

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