Embrace Innovation toward Self-employment instead of looking for white-collar jobs


Unemployment is undoubtedly a global phenomenon that affects the economies of countries worldwide. However, instead of solely lamenting its negative consequences, society should wholeheartedly embrace innovation to combat this issue.

In today’s rapidly changing job market, it is becoming increasingly important for young scholars to be innovative and creative to employ themselves rather than solely relying on white-collar jobs.

Speaking to young people who have been selected to join plug Mtaani/Vijana 2Invest a Buzna Idea Competition, Kitui County Public Service board chairperson Dr Florence Makindi urged young people to think outside the box and be innovative.

The plug Mtaani Vijana 2invest is a commendable initiative aimed at nurturing and supporting entrepreneurship within the country. This competition provides a platform for young and innovative minds to showcase their business ideas and gain exposure and mentorship from experienced professionals

Youth in kitui County are set to benefit from Plug Mtaani Vijana 2Invest, a business idea competition for the youth that aims at connecting business ideas to opportunities. The program is being implemented by the county Department of Trade, Industrialisation, Tourism, and Investment, Directorate of Industrialisation in collaboration with the State Department of Commerce- (MITI), KenInvest, RADICO Kenya, ICST, and Crescent 360 Limited.

Plug Mtaani/Vijana 2Invest is a foundational enterprise development program aimed at educating youths on wealth creation and investments, among other financial challenges. According to Governor Malombe, the initiative will provide skills to young people so that they can overcome financial challenges.

“Plans commenced the program in Kitui County are already underway, where youths with business ideas from all over the country will undertake a three-day training on ILO-SIYB (idea generation and business plan creation),” said Governor Malombe.

By encouraging entrepreneurship, Governor Malombe is taking a proactive step towards addressing unemployment and poverty in the region, as well as promoting economic growth and development.

The Plug Mtaani/Vijana 2Invest Competition is a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs in Kitui County. Winners of the competition will not only receive financial support to start or expand their businesses, but they will also have access to valuable resources and networks that will help them succeed in their ventures.

Kitui Governor Dr Julius Makau demonstrated his commitment by officiating the ceremony.

kitui Public Service board chairperson Dr Makindi has urged young people to embrace innovation Instead of looking for traditional employment, young people should consider exploring entrepreneurial ventures or freelance opportunities to pave their path to success.

By being innovative and thinking outside the box, individuals can create their opportunities and find fulfilling work that aligns with their passions and skills because jobs, Makindi said, recently when they advertised for 26 positions, over two thousand qualified individuals applied.

Being innovative in employment can take many forms, such as starting a new business venture, pursuing a passion project, or even becoming a freelancer in a specific field. With the rise of technology and the internet, there are endless possibilities for individuals to showcase their skills and offer unique solutions to various problems.

By embracing innovation, individuals have the opportunity to become their boss, set their schedules, and have more control over their work-life balance. These innovative approaches to employment not only offer financial independence but also provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment, as individuals can work on something they truly care about and make a difference in their chosen field.

instead of solely looking for white-collar jobs, the chairperson urged young people to be innovative and adopt an innovative mindset to consider alternative ways to employ themselves. The modern job market offers countless avenues for individuals to showcase their skills, pursue their passions, and create opportunities.

By embracing innovation, individuals can find fulfillment, financial independence, and the freedom to design their ideal work-life balance. So instead of solely relying on traditional employment, it is crucial to think creatively and explore possibilities to employ oneself.

Innovation encourages the development of new job opportunities, thereby enabling nations to diversify their economies and provide employment to a larger percentage of the population. By actively promoting and investing in technological advancements, education, and entrepreneurship, countries can alleviate the burden of unemployment, fostering sustainable economic growth and improving the quality of life for their citizens.


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