A Welcome Boost: Kwa Vonza County Assembly Member NDINGO Applauds President Ruto’s Move for Additional Funds


In a significant turn of events, Hon. Mark Ndingo, the Kwa vonza Member of the Kitui County Assembly, expressed his gratitude for President Williams Ruto’s recent decision to allocate an additional KSh46 billion to counties for the 2023/2024 financial year.

This positive development followed President Ruto’s approval of the County Governments Additional Allocations Bill at State House, Nairobi, on Monday. During the signing event, President Ruto reaffirmed his administration’s dedication to supporting devolved governments in fulfilling their mandates.

In an exclusive statement to the press, Hon. Mark Ndingo enthusiastically welcomed the news, anticipating a favorable impact on Kitui County under the capable leadership of Dr. Julius Makau Malombe, known for his prudent management of public funds.

“The extra funds will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and development of Kitui County,” noted Ndingo. He commended Dr. Malombe’s fiscal responsibility, emphasizing the potential for these funds to be effectively utilized for the benefit of the local community.

Further, Hon. Ndingo urged President Ruto to persist in advocating for devolution by fully transferring all remaining devolved units to the counties. He believes this step would facilitate increased development reaching the grassroots level and directly improving the lives of mwananchi.

As Kitui County anticipates a more promising future with the infusion of these additional funds, Hon. Mark Ndingo’s statements mirror the optimism shared by many for enhanced local development and improved public services.

The support from the national government, exemplified by President Ruto’s directive, is viewed as a crucial stride toward realizing the full potential of devolution and promoting sustainable growth at the county level.

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