Kitui County Ascends Kitui River Basin Sand Utilization and Conservation Bill into Law


By Muli Kasonge.

In a historic moment for Kitui County, the Kitui River Basin Sand Utilization and Conservation Bill, 2023, ascended into law under the watchful eyes of H.E Dr. Julius Malombe. The journey leading up to this significant milestone was marked by intense deliberations and collaboration between the County Assembly and the County Executive.

The driving force behind this accomplishment was the unwavering commitment and tireless efforts of the Members of County Assembly (MCAs), particularly those leading the Assembly Standing Committees on Delegated County Legislation and Environment, Energy, and Mineral Investments Development.

Their dedication played a pivotal role in shaping and refining the Kitui County River Basins Sand Utilization and Conservation Policy and Bill.Deputy Governor H.E Augustine Wambua Kanani, alongside notable MCAs such as Hon. Christopher Nzilu (Deputy Speaker & MCA Kyangwithya West), Hon. Harrison Maluki (Majority Leader & MCA Migwani), Hon. Alex Nganga (Minority Leader & MCA Miambani), Hon. Kimanzi Muange (Chair of Committee on Environment, Energy & Mineral Investments Development & MCA Tseikuru), and Hon. Cornelius Muthami (Chair of Committee on Delegated County Legislation & MCA Mui) played crucial roles in steering this legislation to completion.

The collaboration with the Executive, under the leadership of Governor [Governor’s Full Name], showcased a commitment to responsible governance and environmental stewardship.

The newly enacted law reflects a shared vision for sustainable development and the preservation of Kitui County’s natural resources.As Kitui County celebrates this momentous occasion, it is not just the legislation that stands as a testament to progress, but also the reaffirmation of a commitment to the people of Kitui. The unity and collaboration between the County Assembly and the Executive underscore a dedication to serving the community and fostering positive development.

The presence of County Executive Committee Members (CECMs), Chief Officers, and other invited leaders during this significant event further highlights the broad support and recognition of the importance of the Kitui River Basin Sand Utilization and Conservation Bill.This legislative achievement sets a precedent for responsible resource management and environmental conservation, positioning Kitui County as a beacon of sustainable governance.

The collective efforts of the Assembly, Executive, and the entire leadership team have laid the foundation for a future where development harmonizes with nature, ensuring a prosperous and resilient Kitui County for generations to come.

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