Wiper Party Reads Riot Act Over Deputy Speaker’s Impeachment


In a bold move, the Wiper Party has sent a clear message to all Kitui Nominated Members of County Assembly (MCAs) regarding the ongoing controversy surrounding Deputy Speaker Hon. Christopher Nzilu. The party has cautioned these MCAs against supporting the impeachment motion, asserting that the allegations against him lack merit.

The Wiper Party firmly believes that the accusations leveled against Deputy Speaker Nzilu cannot withstand scrutiny. In light of this, the party has taken decisive action, demanding that its members withdraw their previously appended signatures in support of the impeachment motion. Failure to do so, the party warns, will result in serious consequences.

This warning comes as a strong directive from the party leadership, who have instructed their members to vote against the impeachment motion during the upcoming assembly proceedings. The party has made it abundantly clear that non-compliance with this directive will result in disciplinary measures against those who defy the order.

The unfolding situation has created a tense atmosphere within the Kitui County Assembly, with political observers closely monitoring developments. The Wiper Party’s stance on this matter underscores its commitment to maintaining party cohesion and standing by its members when they face adversity.

As the controversy surrounding Deputy Speaker Hon. Christopher Nzilu continues to unfold, the political landscape in Kitui County remains dynamic, with all eyes on the upcoming assembly session where the fate of the Deputy Speaker will be decided.

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