Mp Charles Nguna Unveils Bold Plans for Wiper Party Dominance, Educational Empowerment in Mwingi West


Mp Hon. Charles Nguna Unveils Ambitious Plans for Wiper Party Membership Drive and Education Support in Mwingi West

In a strategic move to bolster the Wiper Party’s influence in larger Mwingi, Hon. Charles Nguna, the Member of Parliament for Mwingi West, has outlined an extensive plan for a massive membership drive.

Speaking to Kitui Press Media , the distinguished parliamentarian shared his vision to amplify Wiper’s presence in the region ahead of the 2027 general elections, with Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka poised to be the party’s presidential flag bearer.

A highlight of this initiative is the Major Nguna Cup competition scheduled for the end of this month, where a substantial Wiper Party registration booth will be erected. This booth aims to encourage residents to enroll as party members, fostering a stronger political community and laying the groundwork for future electoral success.

Hon. Nguna expressed unwavering determination to increase Wiper’s dominance in the larger Mwingi area, recognizing the pivotal role it plays in shaping the political landscape. The Major Nguna Cup is not only a celebration of sports but also a strategic platform to engage the community in political discourse and party membership awareness.

Addressing the crucial issue of education, Hon. Nguna outlined plans for a comprehensive bursary support program. In January, he and his NGCDF office will conduct public participation sessions to identify deserving candidates for educational bursaries.

Following this, February will see the initiation of data entry processes and the subsequent issuance of cheques to beneficiaries, ensuring that financial support reaches those in need.

The dual approach of political engagement through the Major Nguna Cup and socio-economic empowerment through the education bursary program underscores Hon. Charles Nguna’s commitment to holistic community development.

As the Wiper Party gains momentum in Mwingi West, these initiatives aim to not only secure political allegiance but also to uplift the educational aspirations of the constituents, creating a positive impact on the community’s future.

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