Kitui’s Ambitious Plan to Boost Water Supply: Governor Malombe’s Vision


In a recent consultative meeting held at the Masinga water intake, Kitui County officials, led by Water and Irrigation CECM Peter Nkunda, and Roads and Public Works Eng. Reuben Itiko, came together to address the pressing challenges facing the water service provider in the region. The meeting also saw the participation of Water Chief Officer Nathan Vungo and Ag. KITWASCO Managing Director June Munyao, among other officers.

The primary focus of the discussions revolved around finding solutions to increase the water supply volume to cater to the growing demands of Kitui Town and its surrounding areas. Additionally, there was a strong emphasis on curbing losses due to non-revenue water, a common issue in many water service providers.

CEC Peter Nkunda shared an exciting development during the meeting, revealing Governor Dr. Julius Malombe’s Administration’s ambitious plans to double the volume of water pumped to an impressive 24,000 cubic meters (24,000,000 litres). This substantial increase in water supply capacity would undoubtedly bring much-needed relief to Kitui’s residents.

One key element in this expansion plan is the allocation of Sh.200 million by the national government for the expansion of the Masinga-Kitui water intake. This financial commitment came as a result of effective lobbying by Governor Malombe, who emphasized the importance of enhancing the region’s water infrastructure during Water PS Dr. Kipronoh Ronoh’s visit earlier this year.

Governor Dr. Malombe, recognizing the scale of the project, requested additional state support, estimating a total investment of approximately Sh.500 million to make this vision a reality. This ambitious undertaking highlights the dedication of Kitui County’s leadership to improving the lives of its citizens by ensuring access to clean and reliable water sources.

In line with the expansion plans, today’s meeting agreed that the Tanathi Water Works Agency would take charge of the project’s technical design. This design will include the installation of more efficient water pumps, the creation of a return line, and the incorporation of master digital meters at strategic points. These enhancements will not only boost the supply of water but also improve the efficiency and accountability of the water distribution system.

Kitui County’s commitment to addressing its water challenges and Governor Dr. Malombe’s determination to secure the necessary funding from both county and national sources demonstrate a proactive approach to tackling a fundamental issue affecting the region. With this concerted effort, Kitui residents can look forward to a future with improved access to clean and dependable water services.

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