Gov Malombe & Mark Nding’o Facilitate Installation of Integrated Street Lights at Muselele Market, Kitui Rural


In a bid to enhance safety and improve infrastructure in Kitui Rural, Hon. Mark Nding’o, the Member of Kitui County Assembly representing Yatta Kwa Vonza Ward, spearheaded the installation of integrated street lights at Muselele Market, Ilika Village. The handover ceremony, which took place on March 19, 2024, marked a significant milestone in the community’s development efforts.

Accompanied by esteemed officials including Mr. Samuel Wambua, the Kitui Rural Sub County Administrator, Madam Alice Kimeu-Kioko, the Ward Administrator, Madam Celestine Kasimu, the Ilika Village Administrator, as well as Sub-County Public Works Officers Mr. Somoni, Mr. Mutati, and Mr. Mutua, the event was a testament to collaborative governance and community engagement.

The integration of street lights at Muselele Market sheds promises to revolutionize the area’s infrastructure, particularly in terms of security and accessibility. With the support of the local government and the active involvement of community representatives, this initiative embodies a shared commitment to enhancing the quality of life for residents.

During the ceremony, Hon. Mark Nding’o expressed his gratitude to all stakeholders involved in realizing this project, emphasizing the importance of partnerships in driving sustainable development. He highlighted the significance of well-lit public spaces in fostering a sense of security and community pride, ultimately contributing to economic growth and social cohesion.

Mr. Samuel Wambua commended the proactive approach taken by Hon. Nding’o and underscored the administration’s dedication to addressing the needs of rural communities. He reiterated the administration’s commitment to supporting grassroots initiatives aimed at improving infrastructure and livelihoods.

Madam Alice Kimeu-Kioko, speaking on behalf of the ward, expressed optimism about the transformative impact of the integrated street lights, particularly in enhancing business activities and promoting night-time commerce. She urged residents to take ownership of the project and uphold its maintenance for long-term sustainability.

The presence of key stakeholders, including Ilika Location Chief Mr. Alex Ngumbi, further underscored the collaborative spirit driving community development initiatives. Representatives of the community echoed their appreciation for the project, acknowledging its potential to positively impact their daily lives.

As the integrated street lights illuminate Muselele Market, they symbolize more than just a source of light; they represent progress, unity, and a shared vision for a brighter future. With Hon. Mark Nding’o’s leadership and the unwavering support of government officials and the community, Kitui Rural continues to stride confidently towards a more prosperous and inclusive tomorrow.

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