Fix your Politics,DP Rigathi Gachangua Urges Kamba Community


Deputy President Rigathi Gachangua has called on the Kamba community to reassess their political choices and cease following Raila Odinga, who, according to the Deputy President, has overlooked the esteemed Kalonzo Musyoka. This plea was made during a funds drive at Sombe AIC Church, dedicated to the construction of the church.

Expressing his profound respect for Hon Kalonzo Musyoka, Gachangua questioned the necessity of an interview conducted by Raila Odinga to assess Musyoka’s suitability, especially given their long-standing political history. The Deputy President emphasized his confusion over why the Kamba community continues to rally behind Raila, asserting that this allegiance leads them nowhere.

Recalling a previous funds drive at St Charles Lwanga Secondary School, Gachangua highlighted the absence of Wiper leaders, with the exception of Kitui Central MP Dr. Makali Mulu.

The Deputy President urged accountability among leaders and requested Kitui East MP Hon Nimrod Mbai, the host of the event, to organize another fundraiser for Sombe Secondary School. He proposed having Kalonzo Musyoka and Raila Odinga as chief guests in the upcoming event next year.

Gachangua underscored the importance of holding leaders accountable for their actions and decisions. He urged the community to carefully consider their political affiliations and to prioritize leaders who align with their aspirations.

Shifting focus to the pervasive issue of the high cost of living, the Deputy President assured the audience that President William Ruto has devised comprehensive plans to address this challenge. Gachangua expressed optimism that these plans would soon lead to a normalization of living conditions.

In conclusion, Deputy President Rigathi Gachangua’s address at Sombe AIC Church reflected his concerns about the Kamba community’s political choices and emphasized the need for accountability among leaders. As the call for a renewed focus on local issues and leaders echoed through his speech, the Deputy President remains confident in President William Ruto’s strategies to alleviate the high cost of living in the near future.

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