CS Alice Wahome Visits Thwake Dam: A Show of Unity with Makueni Leadership


In a display of bipartisan cooperation and commitment to addressing water scarcity challenges in the region, Honorable Alice Wahome, Member of Parliament, embarked on a visit to Thwake Dam.

The visit was marked by the presence of prominent leaders from Makueni County, with Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr. and Senator Honorable Daniel Kitonga Maanzo leading the delegation.

The Thwake Dam, a critical infrastructure project, has long been in the spotlight for its potential to transform water supply and irrigation capabilities in the region. The visit by Hon. Alice Wahome underscores the importance of this project not only to the local community but also on a broader scale.

Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jr., who has championed water resource management in Makueni County, welcomed Hon. Wahome’s visit as a symbol of political unity and cooperation.

He emphasized the need for all leaders to come together and work towards the completion of the Thwake Dam project, which holds the promise of mitigating water shortages and boosting agricultural production.

Senator Hon. Daniel Kitonga Maanzo echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing that water is a critical resource that transcends political boundaries.

He stressed the importance of ensuring that the Thwake Dam project progresses without any hindrances, as it is a lifeline for the people of Makueni and the surrounding areas.

During the visit, Hon. Alice Wahome toured the construction site of the dam, where she had the opportunity to witness firsthand the progress being made.

She commended the efforts of the local leadership in pushing for the realization of this project and pledged her support in advocating for the necessary resources at the national level.

The visit also served as a platform for discussions on the broader water management challenges faced by the region, including strategies for sustainable water supply and distribution.

The leaders present expressed their commitment to working together to address these issues and ensure that the Thwake Dam becomes a success story that benefits the entire community.

In conclusion, Hon. Alice Wahome’s visit to Thwake Dam, accompanied by the Makueni leadership, exemplified the spirit of unity and collaboration in tackling pressing water scarcity challenges.

With the dedication of these leaders and their collective efforts, the Thwake Dam project holds the promise of transforming the lives of the people in Makueni County and beyond.

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