Strengthening Governance through Performance Contracting: A Milestone in Kitui County


In a significant stride towards enhancing governance and service delivery, the Kitui County Assembly Speaker joined forces with H.E Governor Dr. Julius Malombe at the Ithookwe Showground, Kyangwithya West Ward in Kitui Central Constituency.

The occasion marked the evaluation and ranking of ministerial performances based on meticulous monitoring and assessment of County Ministerial Performance Contracts.

Commending Governor Malombe for spearheading the innovative approach of performance contracting across various ministries, the Speaker highlighted its pivotal role in ensuring effective service delivery to the people of Kitui.

Emphasizing the importance of discipline in the workplace, the Speaker urged all Kitui County Government staff to uphold high standards, as performance contracting hinges on enforcing discipline, with the belief that good discipline leads to better results.

Affirming the County Assembly’s commitment to supporting the executive in delivering development initiatives, the Speaker underscored that the development plan of the government is intrinsically linked to the progress of the county. The pledge to remain integral to the development process was made with a steadfast focus on the well-being of the people of Kitui.

The event drew notable figures, including Deputy Governor H.E Hon. Wambua Kanani, Joshua Mwiranga, Principal Administrative Secretary (PAS) of the Public Service Performance Management Unit in the National Government, and various MCAs. Hon. Erastus Mbuno, Deputy Majority Leader and MCA for Endau/Malalani, alongside Hon. Joseph Kasungi, Chair of the Assembly Committee on Labour and Social Welfare and MCA for Waita, led the assembly members present.

The diverse attendance, including County Ministers, Chief Officers, County Staff, Clergy, and other dignitaries, showcased the collaborative spirit towards achieving the shared goal of development in Kitui. The gathering reflected the collective determination to foster positive change, emphasizing the role of each stakeholder in the journey toward a more prosperous and well-governed Kitui County.

As Kitui County continues to embrace performance contracting as a catalyst for progress, the collaboration between the executive and the assembly stands as a testament to the shared commitment to uplift the lives of the people. The occasion at Ithookwe Showground marks not only an assessment of achievements but also a reaffirmation of the collective responsibility to propel Kitui towards a brighter and more prosperous future.

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