Mp Charles Nguna to Cruise five constituencies


Today, Mp Hon Charles Nguna is embarking on a tour to visit five constituencies in kitui and machakos. This move marks the beginning of his social tour trail, where he aims to engage with the community and address their concerns.

The Mp will be in Kitui west attending funds drive hosted by Catholic Bishop Dr Mwongela, he will then proceed to kitui East for a family feast where he will be accompanied by a host of leaders, from kitui East he will fly to Machakos for another big social event, after Machakos, he will back home to Thokoa for another important event.

By undertaking this tour, Mwingi west Hon Nguna demonstrates his commitment to understanding the needs and aspirations of the people he represents, as well as his dedication to making positive change within these constituencies.

During his visit, Hon Nguna plans to hold public meetings, engage with community leaders, and discuss important issues affecting the constituents. These meetings will provide an opportunity for the Mp to listen to the concerns of the people and assure them of his support in finding solutions.

By directly interacting with the community, Hon Nguna can establish a strong rapport with the people he serves, instilling confidence in his ability to represent their interests effectively and bring about meaningful change.

Overall, this tour shows Hon Charles Nguna’s dedication to his role as an Mp and his commitment to advocating for the needs of his constituents.

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