Kitui County Embarks on Conservation Efforts with Launch of Mutomo Reptile Park


Kitui County, Kenya – March 22, 2024: In a significant stride towards environmental conservation and tourism development, Kitui Deputy Governor HE Wambua Kanani, alongside Minister for Tourism, Wildlife, Hospitality, and Game Reserves, CS Dr Alfred Mutua, paid a visit to the newly established Mutomo Reptile Park.

This initiative marks a pivotal moment in Kitui’s journey towards becoming a prominent tourist destination, while simultaneously contributing to the preservation of biodiversity, particularly snake species.

During the visit, HE Kanani emphasized the dual purpose of the park: serving as both a tourist attraction and a center for snake venom extraction and research. He highlighted the importance of such initiatives in the face of declining biodiversity, stressing the need for conservation efforts to protect both prominent and rare snake species.

Echoing HE Kanani’s sentiments, Dr Alfred Mutua underscored the strategic significance of Mutomo Reptile Park in positioning Kitui within Kenya’s burgeoning tourism circuit. He envisioned a seamless journey for tourists, starting from Mount Kenya, traversing through Kitui, and extending to the Coastal region before culminating in the renowned Mara. Dr Mutua emphasized that the inclusion of a reptile park along this route enhances the overall tourism experience, while also contributing to Kitui’s conservation endeavors.

Governor Dr Julius Malombe, EGH, expressed optimism about Kitui’s evolving status as a premier tourist destination. He outlined various initiatives aimed at bolstering the hospitality industry, improving game viewing access roads, and revitalizing conservation efforts in South Kitui and Mwingi game reserves. With these concerted efforts, Kitui County is poised to attract wildlife-based tourism, further solidifying its position on the global tourism map.

The launch of Mutomo Reptile Park not only signifies Kitui’s commitment to environmental conservation but also underscores its dedication to sustainable tourism development. As visitors embark on the Kitui County Promise, they can expect to encounter a rich tapestry of wildlife, coupled with unparalleled hospitality and conservation initiatives.

Indeed, the journey through Kitui promises to be an enriching experience, where the preservation of nature and the promotion of tourism go hand in hand, ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.

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