2027 Kitui Wiper Governor Ticket contest,Why Makali scores higher against Kiio and Kasalu


By wamalombe

He has been declared as The Most hard working and the best working MP in Kenyan National Assembly for second year running.Voted the Best working MP in Ukambani and Kitui County,Meet Hon Makali Mavivu Mulu aka *MMM*

Makali Mavivu has declared interest for Being Kitui Govenor 2027,a statement that has left his would-be competitors flat footed and running helter skelter politically.

The battle for wiper Party ticket during primary nominations remains a key factor,Hon Makali Mavivu is facing Senator Kiio and Women rep Dr Irene Kasalu in party primaries,the real duel starts there..
✅ *Kalonzo Factor in wiper 2027 Governor Ticket contest

❇️As long as Kalonzo is contesting Prezooh, or his bidding for high office nationally, For political balance in Kitui county, Govenor will always come from *Kitui Nation* of Kitui County.

✅ *Ngilu Factor*
Former governor Ngilu is out of Govenor seat, but still has serious political influence not only county but also nationally, you will notice, with all corruption allegations against her regime,no Case has been/will be put to her (did you see her recently trending photo with Hon Mudavadi)
On Ngilu, Kalonzo is politically checking her not to go *UDA way* and Best checker is Hon Makali,a neighbor and *Kitui Centralian*

✅ *Kitui UDA Factor*
Prezooh Ruto sirkal is scouting for a serious governor candidate 2027 to fly UDA ticket.Currently their 2022 candidate scored dismally,less votes than Youthful Ikanga Kyatune Mca, and a serious Party like UDA would want a serious candidate.

UDA Party will pick their candidate after Wiper party governor contest primaries, and will most likely pick a candidate Who will mostly be *betrayed* by wiper Party in primaries. Looking at Ngilu and sirkal influence on wiper party nominations,then Makali Mavivu is a marked man, Wiper party will not want to lose a star mp,a performer and a Name in wiper,it will keep their soldier.

✅ *Bottom Line*
Makali Mavivu Mulu still remains The wiper party political hot cake,a desired would be political gal by would be suitors,a dignified user and performer per excellence, When Current Govenor possessed theese traits, Kalonzo said, Malombe nanengwe govenor Tikiti,Makali is scoring higher, this wiper ticket is windsocking Makali Mavivu Mulu Direction.

Only Your trusted Ikulumi Political Binoculars will say as it is,.

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