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Succession Battle for Kitui Central Parliamentary Seat Heats Up

The race to succeed Hon. Makali Mulu as the Member of Parliament for Kitui Central is intensifying as various aspirants step into the spotlight. A recent random opinion poll conducted across the constituency’s five wards reveals Crispus Ileli, a former Chief of Staff, as the current frontrunner.

In Miambani Ward, Ileli appears to have a commanding lead with 70% of the respondents indicating they would vote for him. Henry Kituti follows with 20%, while Kyalo Muli garners 10% of the support. Notably, Bonnie Musambi and Christopher Nzilu received no support in this ward.

Township Ward presents a more competitive scenario. Ileli and Musambi are neck and neck, with 40% and 30% support, respectively. Kyalo Muli receives 10%, and 20% of the voters remain undecided.

Musambi gains ground in Mulango Ward, where he secures the support of 50% of the respondents, outpacing Ileli who received 20%. Wamavati earns 20% support, with the remaining 30% undecided.

Kyangwithya East overwhelmingly supports Ileli, with 90% of the respondents backing him, and Kyalo Muli receiving the remaining 10%. Other aspirants did not register any support in this ward.

In Kyangwithya West, the race is less clear. Ileli leads with 30% support, but a significant 60% of respondents remain undecided. Christopher Nzilu garners the support of 10% of those polled.

As the succession battle for Kitui Central’s parliamentary seat gathers momentum, Crispus Ileli stands out as a strong contender. However, with significant numbers of undecided voters in key wards, the race remains open and dynamic.


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