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Ndingo Applauds Approval of Ksh 12 Billion Kitui County Budget for 2024/2025

In a considerable move aimed at fostering development at the grassroots level, the Kitui County Assembly has approved a budget of Ksh 12 billion for the 2024/2025 financial year. This approval marks a pivotal step in Governor Malombe’s agenda to enhance development across the county.

The budget, which was passed with overwhelming support from the assembly members, is expected to fund various projects and initiatives that will benefit the people of Kitui. Yatta MCA Hon. Ndingo expressed his satisfaction with the approval, highlighting its importance for local development.

“Glad to join my colleagues in passing and approving Kitui County Budget for the 2024/2025 financial year. This is a good step to allow the governor to achieve his development agenda for the Kitui people,” stated Hon. Ndingo.

Governor Malombe’s administration has outlined several key areas for investment, including infrastructure, healthcare, education, and agriculture. The budget allocation aims to address critical needs and drive progress at the village level, ensuring that the benefits of development are felt by all residents of Kitui.

The approval of the budget signifies a collaborative effort between the county assembly and the executive branch, showcasing a unified commitment to the county’s growth and prosperity. As the new financial year approaches, all eyes will be on the implementation of these budgetary provisions and their impact on the lives of the Kitui people.

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