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MCA Ndingo Backs Kitui County Appropriations Bill in First Reading

Kitui, June 25, 2024 – Yatta Kwa Vonza MCA, Hon. Mark Ndingo, joined his colleagues as the Kitui County Appropriations Bill, 2024 underwent its first reading today.

The primary objective of this Bill is to allocate funds for the 2024/2025 financial year.The Bill proposes the issuance of Kshs. 12,956,277,438 from the Kitui County Revenue Fund for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2025, detailing the appropriation of these funds for various county services and projects.

During the same session, several significant reports were presented:1. Report by the Committee on Basic Education, Training, and Skills Development on Inspection of Early Childhood Development Education Centres (ECDE) in Kitui County – Presented by Hon. Mark Ndingo, the committee chairperson, this report focuses on the current state of ECDE centers across the county and provides recommendations for improvements.

2. Report by the Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs on the Assessment of the Implementation Status of the South Eastern Kenya Economic Block (SEKEB) Act, 2022 – Presented by Hon. Cyrus Musyoka Kisavi, the committee chairperson, this report evaluates how effectively the SEKEB Act has been implemented since its enactment.

The session was chaired by Hon. Fastina Mwende Salu, a nominated member of the County Assembly. The discussions and reports laid out today are crucial for the strategic planning and development of Kitui County in the upcoming financial year.

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