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Major Boost to Water and Food Security in Kibwezi West

Mbui Nzau, Kibwezi West, June 10, 2024 – In a significant push towards improving water and food security in Kibwezi West, ongoing works at the Yimwea Earth Dam in Mbui Nzau have taken center stage. The initiative, spearheaded by Hon. Mwengi Mutuse, OGW, MP, aims to address critical water shortages and enhance agricultural productivity in the region.

Hon. Mutuse announced that alongside the desilting and construction of new dams and water pans in each of the six wards of Kibwezi West, there are ongoing programs to build household pans. These household pans are integral to household food security programs and have been successfully implemented in various parts of the constituency.

“The development of water infrastructure is crucial for the livelihood of our people. By ensuring access to water, we not only secure food production but also improve the overall quality of life,” said Hon. Mutuse. “Our commitment to Maendeleo Chap Chap is evident in these projects that promise sustainable development for Kibwezi West.”

The Yimwea Earth Dam project, currently underway, is expected to significantly mitigate the effects of drought, providing a reliable water source for both domestic and agricultural use. The construction of new dams and water pans will further bolster these efforts, ensuring that each ward in Kibwezi West benefits from improved water access.

Community members have expressed their optimism about the projects. “Access to water has always been a challenge here. With these new dams and pans, we can finally look forward to better crop yields and improved food security,” said a local farmer from Nguumo.

The projects align with the broader agenda of ensuring water and food security in the region, reflecting the government’s commitment to sustainable development. As the works progress, Kibwezi West is poised to become a model for other regions grappling with similar challenges.

Hon. Mutuse reiterated his dedication to the cause, stating, “We are focused on long-term solutions that will empower our communities and drive economic growth. With continued support and collaboration, we can achieve remarkable progress.”

For more updates on the projects and other initiatives, residents are encouraged to stay connected with their local representatives and participate in community meetings.

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