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Kitui on the Brink of a Revolution as Leadership Fails to Address Persistent Issues

By Dr. Kyalo Muli.

As the Gen Z revolution gains momentum across the country, the people of Ukambani find themselves grappling with similar frustrations. The issues driving the youth to the streets are the same ones plaguing the residents of Kitui, who are now calling for urgent change.Despite numerous budgets, the problems facing our community remain unaddressed.

River Enziu continues to claim lives with each rainy season, while the Kibwezi-Garissa road remains perpetually unfinished. Poverty grips the majority of our population, yet our MPs seem more focused on salary increases than on the plight of their constituents.Kitui’s current governor has been notably absent in addressing these critical issues.

Initiatives like KICOTEC, launched by the former governor, are now deteriorating, symbolizing the neglect our county faces.The residents of Kitui have valid reasons to take to the streets. We must demand accountability from our MCAs, MPs, and the governor. If they are unwilling or unable to lead effectively, they must step aside for new leaders who will prioritize the community’s needs.

As President Ruto engages with the Gen Z movement, our local leaders must also take action. Ignoring the growing discontent among the populace is a dangerous gamble.Kitui is a county rich in resources, yet it suffers from having 60% of its people living below the poverty line.

This is unacceptable. A governor who cannot engage with the community and address their needs has no place in leadership.Our revolution in Kitui is just beginning, and we demand better for our people. It is time for a leadership that listens, acts, and uplifts our community.

The fires of change are spreading, and Kitui must be ready to embrace a new era of accountability and progress.


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