Kitui Jordan Medical College Celebrates Second Granduation Ceremony


*Kitui Jordan Medical College* marked a momentous occasion on Friday, 3rd November 2023, as it hosted its second granduation celebration at the school’s pavilion graduation ground. The event, filled with pomp and pride, honored over 55 graduates who received artisan and diploma certificates across various medical categories.

The ceremony was graced by esteemed personalities, with the notable presence of the Chief Guest, *Dr. Andrew Were Onyino,* the current President of the Kenya Medical Association. Dr. Were, in his address, encouraged the newly graduated medical practitioners to imbue their work with an exceptional level of dedication in their respective fields.

In the words of *Dr. Joshua Matu,* the director of the institution, chairperson of the board of directors, and CEO of Jordan Hospital Medical College, the vision of the institution continues to soar. He expressed anticipation that over 100 graduates will partake in next year’s graduation ceremony, signifying the continual growth and impact of the institution.

The class of 2023 at Kitui Jordan Medical College proudly graduated with diverse certificates across different medical categories, underscoring their commitment to various disciplines in the medical field.

Adding to the significance of the event were influential figures like *Ms. Pendo Fiona Ouma,* the Principal of JHMC, *Mr. Abishai Kulubi,* the Deputy Principal, and *Bishop Stanley Kyalo* of Deliverance International Church, among other notable individuals who graced the occasion.

This celebration not only marks an academic milestone but also heralds the promising future of the medical field with a new wave of skilled and dedicated medical professionals stepping into the arena.

The echoes of this granduation ceremony linger as a testament to the dedication, perseverance, and commitment of these graduates, reinforcing the bright prospects ahead in the healthcare landscape.

Kitui Jordan Medical College, through its rigorous academic programs and the guidance of its esteemed faculty, continues to shape the next generation of healthcare professionals, amplifying hope and progress within the medical fraternity.

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