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Farmers Field Day Highlights Advances in Agricultural Practices in Kitui County

Kithumula/Kwa Mutonga Ward, May 28, 2024 – The Kitui County Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, in collaboration with the Cereal Growers Association (CGA), Alliance for Green Revolution Africa (AGRA), and IKEA Foundation, hosted a highly attended farmers field day aimed at enhancing agricultural productivity and value addition.

Held at a village-based advisor farm, the event drew over 400 farmers who were introduced to sustainable farming practices such as ripping, mulching, Zai pits, and basins. These practices are designed to improve crop yields and promote environmental conservation. Additionally, various exhibitors showcased products and technologies relevant to modern farming.

Dr. Stephen Mbaya Kimwele, Kitui County Executive for Agriculture and Livestock, addressed the gathering, emphasizing agriculture as the primary employer in both urban and rural settings. He advocated for Climate Smart Agriculture to build resilience and increase yields, underscoring its importance in adapting to climate change.

Dr. Kimwele reiterated Governor Dr. Julius Malombe’s commitment to youth empowerment through agricultural training and capacity building. “We are training 280 youth agripreneurs to assist farmers with agricultural extension services,” he said, highlighting the county’s initiative to involve the younger generation in agriculture for sustainable development.

Area MCA Mr. Paul Maluki encouraged farmers to adopt new farming technologies, labeling them as transformative for increasing yields and ensuring food security. “This will serve to increase yields and ensure food security,” Maluki stated.

The event also saw participation from other county officials, including John Mwendandu (Environment) and Fredrick Kimanga (Lands), who supported the initiative’s goals and the collaboration among various stakeholders.

The field day marks a significant step towards enhancing agricultural practices in Kitui County, aiming for a future of increased productivity and sustainability in farming.


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