Community Gratitude: MCA Mark Ndingo Hosts Mwakini/Katothya Welfare Association to Acknowledge Support


In a heartwarming display of community support and gratitude, Hon. Mark Kitute Ndingo, the dedicated Member of the Kitui County Assembly representing Yatta Kwavonza ward, opened his doors to the Mwakini/Katothya Welfare Association.

This extraordinary event took place at his residence, where members of the association gathered to express their appreciation for his unwavering support.

The occasion served as an opportunity for the community to thank Hon. Mark Kitute Ndingo for his invaluable assistance provided just before the elections last year. Specifically, the assembly member had played a pivotal role in helping the Mwakini/Katothya Welfare Association acquire a matatu, a vital asset for their welfare.

As a token of their heartfelt gratitude, the association members presented Hon. Ndingo with a gift that symbolized their deep appreciation—a goat and a small token of recognition.

These humble offerings may seem small, but they represent the genuine appreciation and respect that the community has for their devoted representative.

During the gathering, Hon. Ndingo took the opportunity to address the residents of Kwa Vonza. He encouraged them to continue supporting Governor Malombe, highlighting the importance of unity and collaboration in advancing the welfare of the region.

His call for continued support demonstrates his commitment to the greater good of the community and his dedication to uplifting the lives of his constituents.

This event is a shining example of how a conscientious and caring leader can make a meaningful impact on the lives of the people they serve. Hon. Mark Kitute Ndingo’s willingness to support the Mwakini/Katothya Welfare Association and his call for unity among the residents of Kwa Vonza are testaments to his dedication to the betterment of his community.

In a time when political representatives are often criticized, it is heartening to witness an assembly member like Hon. Ndingo who remains deeply connected to the needs and aspirations of his constituents. His actions and words serve as an inspiration for public servants everywhere, emphasizing the importance of selfless service and community engagement.

As the residents of Yatta Kwavonza continue to benefit from his leadership, they can rest assured that their Member of the County Assembly, Hon. Mark Kitute Ndingo, will continue to work tirelessly for the welfare and progress of their community.

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