Charting a New Course: Governor Malombe’s Bold Move to Transform Kitui’s Future


In a decisive moment at the State of the County Address, Governor Dr. Julius Malombe declared a paradigm shift in the County’s approach to investments. Acknowledging the challenges faced by County investment entities, he announced the formation of an internal team to reassess their viability.

Notably, the County Executive Committee has resolved to cease engaging in commercial ventures, emphasizing their commitment to providing an enabling environment for investors rather than competing with citizens.

Governor Malombe underscored a focused and committed vision, stating that tangible development across various sectors, including health, roads, water, education, agriculture, trade, cooperatives, energy, and urbanization, will positively impact every citizen’s livelihood.

This declaration marks a significant step towards a more sustainable and citizen-centric development model in Kitui. #KituiForward #GovernorMalombeTransforms

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